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Mountain Range

Mystical Journey to Khandadhar

Five Fuals or Shepherds in Upper Kullu Valley prepare for their annual transhumance to the high altitude meadow of Khandahar. This 5 day journey and 2 month stay at a High Altitude pasture with 2000 sheep and goats is permitted only through strategically developed religious taboos and restrictions, a journey akin to a pilgrimage to their hidden Shangrila, where mountain passes are guarded by fierce deities called Joginis.

Human lore has always held the belief that Shepherds are wise people and I wanted to experience this first hand, are they wise? do they have a light to shine for humanity? or are they like the rest of us? cluttered in our approach towards nature and life in general. 


Some stories need a“A Lyrical Fly in the Wall” approach to do most justice to it, to correctly capture the people, their environment and their goals, where my camera and I are invisible.  

The Shepherd's Way :

Simple Living | High Thinking

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